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Guest Post: Leaving the Dog (and the Blog) Park (via Snoring Dog Studio)

I, thankfully, have not had this particular problem myself (possibly because my love and subsequent, occasionally irrational, use of big, complicated college words can be a turn-off for some), but I’ve seen it and have been embarrassed for the blogger and disgusted and disappointed by the person leaving the verbal landmine. Not only is it so much easier to be misunderstood when one doesn’t have the benefit of body language to interpret, but the anonymity seems to infuse some people with an inflated ego and the will to prove that the pen is mightier than the sword. It costs nothing to simply be nice. And If I had dogs, I would love for my pets to have the opportunity to play with Stella so that I could have some “owner time” to converse and become more acquainted with this writer.

via Snoring Dog Studio

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