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May I Have My Change, Please?

The Universe is a wondrous place.  Order and chaos, miracle and mundane, light and darkness, swirling in a majestic reel where the only constant is change.  While some of us balk, fervently wishing for things to be the way they once were, others embrace change as one would welcome a lost lover.  Change is inevitable, just as everything that has a beginning must also have an end.

Although change is inevitable, the rate at which it happens ebbs and flows within the river of time, causing eddies of swirling ideologies and emotional convictions within humanity.  Throughout the eons, these eddies have stirred man’s conviction to use religion, emotion and ideas to inflict horror upon those with differing views and beliefs.  In the eyes of the Universe, I cannot imagine us being more than violent, arrogant children squabbling over something as inconsequential as a pebble, when only together can we gain the mountain.

We are all part of a whole.  What happens to one, happens to us all.  Is not the Golden Rule to treat others as you would be treated?  Where is that sentiment in politics?  In business?  In each and every minuscule moment of our collective days?

One need only look to the news to see the whirlwind of change that rages around us.  War, natural disasters, political maneuvering, and crimes of hate, greed, jealousy and passion stain our era with the blood of innocence.  What will it take to propel us past this vortex in the river and alter our course before we founder on the rocks of our own self-importance?

I think a change is in order.  It begins within each and every one of our hearts as an affirmation to simply follow the Golden Rule, and I believe it will end, as all things eventually do, with all of us sharing a much better place than we inhabit now.

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