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I is for Imbecile

You know who I’m talking about.

That nitwit in the POS Honda that just pulled out in front of you at the last second when there’s no one behind you and proceeded to drive 15 mph under the speed limit when you were already late for work. Or the doofus in front of you in the checkout line at the grocery store with 35 items in the 15 item express lane who just pulled out a wad of coupons and a checkbook. Or maybe it’s the dimwit who lives down the street from you who believes the world, and your front yard in particular, is his Doberman’s personal poop depository. Or perhaps it’s all the cretins running for political office this November. Take your pick.

Today, I’d like you to consider this: maybe that imbecile is in your life for a reason. Maybe Honda boy’s interference with your commute kept you from being in a 15 car pile-up on the highway. Maybe Old Lady Checkbook just lost her husband and is so grief-stricken she’s unaware that she’s still buying groceries for two. Perhaps Doberman’s Dad is just a jerk. And all those politicians may be trying to make you angry enough to vote without stopping to consider whether they or their opponents more closely embody your values. Whether it’s to keep you safe, teach you compassion, patience, forgiveness, or simply to think about the consequences of your actions, the Imbecile may actually serve a purpose.

So, when you find your Imbecile today (and you will, trust me), take a step back from your anger and look for his or her purpose. You may be amazed by your discovery. 🙂

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