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And Now For Something Completely Different: A Poetic Guest Post

The work of my friend David of DJ Bailey Empires speaks for itself.  I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I did!

~The Beat Stops Here.~ * From the time that I was born until the day I meet my divine maker I will be listening to the beatbox drop the tunes from Lancaster to Grandmaster & drums, string-strung-strums to the anesthetic hums of Jimi Hendrix and Social Distortions Rock & Roll Full Forces Making it easier for my daze to meet it’s living end. ___ ____ ____ But then there’s that one beat I just can’t stand. ____ ____ ____ That sirens like a chainsaw through galvenized cement grates The back of a man’s hand hitting a woman’s face. Her silence grows louder than Hiroshima screams with the deafening sounds of;..”I’ve had it’s!” Gliding across her bruised wrist’s. Now! You’ve just awakened the reckoning Of Gods fist beckoning me into benevolent vengence A trade-off penance clock…of~~…”Not on our watch!” Where we now bring-out devout justice With Public Enemy’s on Black Stallions And Black Sabbath’s as Grim Reapers with seraph swinging sickles, pounding-out in High-def. stereo surround sound of Led Zepp` P.A. system’s devouring infamous decibels through his horrendous persistence. To blast him out of her beatific existence She was silent! “And all you gave her was violence..?!” Once an innocent child Now a shell of the lady you should of made a Queen Not a whipping-post martyr round-the-house castaway With brutish tirades of everything that hadn’t gone your way! Deconstructing a neglected billboard-drive-by, crying for release So now…? She will be carried off into a million overdue `Dignity Sunset’s` As the sounds projective lights are spinning out of rhythm With the two left feet, deaf unto her lovely passage “As the beat….Stops…..Here.”

by David Tartaglia~David Jaxon Bailey…c.


Looking for more?  In the words of the artist himself:

“DJ Bailey Empires”– is set to express all forms of “original” entertainment…In the form of writing-poetry-spoken word poetry-slam poetry-classical-modern-music-dance-essay-journal-comedy-Dating tips-recipes- or even spinning on your head for an hour. Creative expression with no rules to your freedom of expression. (Except anger & harrassment)…Free to create on this page and share uploads & information , to better enhance the quality of life~love-free will~ and also to create an excepting exposure to the gift of you. dJb~* enjoy~*

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