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Welcome to Tawnlandia, a world of stories that I have created to transport you from the mundane to the magical and everything in-between. Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled fantasy adventure or something a bit more spicy, you’ll find it here. 

Everyone's familiar with vampire stories or werewolf stories, or BOTH! (here's looking at you Underworld), but have you ever read a story about someone who's a dragon?  Check out Darkling Drake to find out more.

And then there's this pirate story....

Or dragons AND pirates!!!

Or perhaps your on a quest for an ancient relic

Consistency and professionalism are big priorities for me as an artist, and all serials maintain dedicated weekly schedules, with extras released on Sundays as income and time allows.  I am embarking upon my next adventure, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. Any support you can give - reading, commenting, sharing, tipping, subscribing - helps to make that possible. Thank you!

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